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Chancellor Club

How it Works

The Chancellor Club recognises companies that book accommodation or events regularly with Grand Chancellor Hotels, and can be used in conjunction with our guest loyalty programme, GC Rewards

A Chancellor Club membership allows your organisation to:

  • Receive bi-monthly member-only promotions. 
  • Earn loyalty points for all eligible accommodation and event bookings. 
  • Redeem points for a range of reward options.

Joining the Programme

As the membership belongs to your company, you should let them know when you sign up to the programme. 

We do ask that you or another staff member acts as a representative for the account - it is usually best to choose someone who does most of the accommodation or events booking. 
As the representative you will:

  • Have your name attached to the account.
  • Receive points statements and member gifts from us. 
  • Manage redemption requests for your organisation.

If the representative ever leaves the company then changing the account details over to someone else is as easy as sending us an email

Managing your Account

  • We leave it up to each company to decide how they would like to use their Chancellor Club points and share any rewards. 
  • We will try to add your Chancellor Club number to bookings, however best practice would be to quote your number to reservations or events teams when you can. 
  • While the representative manages the account, any staff member can book accommodation or events and quote the Chancellor Club number to earn points for the company.  

To find out if your company is eligible for a Chancellor Club membership, click here.