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Chancellor Club

Terms & Conditions

The Chancellor Club Program and all of its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Grand Hotels International (GHI) and is operated out of the Corporate Head Office in Wellington, New Zealand.

The aim of the Program is to encourage loyalty to all of our Hotel Grand Chancellor properties in Australia and New Zealand.

Eligible Hotels
Hotel Grand Chancellor properties currently operating this program include:

  • In New Zealand - Auckland City, James Cook Wellington.
  • In Australia - Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Townsville.


  • In order to join the program, Members must have the intention to book on a regular basis at one or a multiple number of Eligible Hotels.
  • Membership belongs solely to the company of the individual who signs up to the program.
  • One individual must agree to be the Chancellor Club representative for the Company. This representative agrees to receive all Chancellor Club communications and is the only person who can request redemptions. For these Terms and Conditions, they will be referred to as the representative.
  • Representatives can only be associated with one Chancellor Club account.
  • Multiple persons in a company may quote the same Membership number at the reservation stage. The person named as the Representative is still the only person able to redeem Points, however, the Rewards are transferable.
  • Membership is not open to third parties; including travel agents, tour operators, professional conference organisers, or professional event organisers.
  • Members may not combine their Membership with that of another Member.
  • Membership commences from the date your application form is confirmed by GHI and you are issued with your Membership Number. Points cannot be rewarded retrospectively.
  • Membership is only available to persons who are 18 years of age or older.
  • If a Representative is no longer employed by the Company listed on the account, GHI Hotels will contact the Company to organise a replacement Chancellor Club representative. The new Representative must accept all of these terms and conditions and provide updated contact details in order to be able to use the existing Membership. All active points will remain on the account after a representative change.

Activation of Membership

  • Once GHI has received an application form via one of the Eligible Hotels, the Member will be sent their Membership Number via email provided they have given a valid email address.
  • Once a person has their Membership Number, the person will be classified as a Member and can earn Points.
  • The use of a Membership Number will constitute the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Program.
  • A membership will only be activated if the email address provided is not attached to another membership.


  • Points are valid for a period of 12 months following the last Transaction date. Validity of all Points is extended for another 12 months each time the Member has a Transaction completed during that period.
  • If the Member does not generate any Transactions during a 12 month period, the account will become inactive and points will not be redeemable. However, if the member has an eligible guest stay within six months of deactivation, the account and points balance will be reactivated. After this period all previously acquired Points on the Member's account are lost without notice and without the possibility of restoring or converting them.

Eligible Rates for Receiving Points and Promotions

  • Bookings made directly with the Hotels including all public, corporate and promotional rates are eligible.
  • Bookings through a corporate travel agent who uses the correct booking channels (GDS or direct) are eligible.

Ineligible Rates for Receiving Points and Promotions

  • Bookings through third party websites are not eligible.
  • Bookings made using a daily deal website voucher are not eligible.
  • Bookings through tour operators are not eligible.
  • Air Crew and Team room rates are not eligible.
  • Room rates for GHI employees are not eligible.

Earning Points

  • To earn Points, the Member must quote their membership number at the time the reservation is made.
  • To earn Points for a meeting/event, their number must be attached to an event contract prior to the event taking place.
  • Members receive 10 Points for every room night booked (not associated with a meeting/event or that has been given a group discount rate) at all Eligible Hotels.
  • Members receive 1 Point for every room night booked that is associated with a meeting/event or that has been given a group discount rate at all Eligible Hotels.
  • Members receive 1 Point for every 20 dollars spent (ex GST, in the local currency of the property) on costs related to any event or meeting held at all Eligible Hotels, with a maximum of 300 points per event contract. This includes food & beverage for the event, conference room hire, day delegate packages. This excludes information technology, audio visual equipment, accommodation, and any other outsourced expenses.
  • Points are added to the Member's account within 5 working days after the Member checks out of the hotel or after an event.
  • If a Member books via an agent, it is the Member's responsibility to advise the agent at the time of booking, so that they may add the Membership Number to the booking.

Missing Points

  • If the Member notices that Points have not been properly credited to their account after a minimum waiting period of 14 working days, the Member may request that the balance is adjusted.
  • To file a claim, the Members are required to email with the following details of their booking: Guest Name, Membership Number, check in and out dates of stay, and Eligible Hotel stayed at. If the missing points are from an event then the hotel, name of the event, and dates must be provided. As stated earlier, a Chancellor Club number must be attached to an event contract prior to the start of an event in order to earn points.
  • Members must ensure they retain all receipts in case they are required to provide evidence of missing Points.
  • Missing Points will only be backdated for a period of six months prior to the date of the missing Points claim. All missing Points prior will be forfeited.


  • To claim a Reward, Members will need to have earned sufficient Points as described in the Rewards Catalogue or as advertised.
  • To claim a Reward, Members will need to log in to their account and request a redemption, or contact GHI Corporate Head Office by emailing, or phoning 1800 75 33 79 (Aus), or 0800 27 53 37 (NZ).
  • All Rewards are subject to availability and may take up to 14 working days to be delivered.
  • When a Reward is redeemed, the Points corresponding to that Reward will be deducted from the Members account.
  • Members may only alter redemption bookings up to a maximum of 4 times.


  • There is no cost to join the Program.
  • Points are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and have no value until presented for redemption in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Program. Members have no ownership interest in accrued Points and accrued Points do not constitute property of the Members.
  • GHI shall be entitled to assume that any person that purports to be a Member and provides (whether in person or through any electronic, telecommunications or other media) the Membership name and number to GHI that they are in fact the Member.
  • Members are responsible for disclosing to and receiving consent from their employer, principal and/or client that they will earn Chancellor Club Points and other incentives received from the Chancellor Club for Accommodation and Event Purchases, and must comply with any applicable gift and incentive policies.
  • Should a guest or event account (that the Member has booked in an Eligible Hotel) fall into arrears, the Points for that Transaction may be revoked.
  • GHI does not guarantee or warrant that any or all of the benefits or privileges of the Program will be available at all times. GHI reserves the right to change, modify, limit or cancel any of the Program benefits at any time. This includes increasing or decreasing any requirements for a Reward, changing the value of Rewards, limiting the availability of Rewards or changing/ cancelling the participation of the Eligible Hotels.
  • GHI reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Program at any time and without advance notice. Any change to the Program will be notified by email or mail.
  • If the Program is suspended or terminated, any unredeemed points will be cancelled.
  • We reserve the right to correct any errors in the calculation of Points, the balance of Points in an Account and any deductions of Points.

Termination and Liability

  • Termination by the Member
    • At any time, the Member may decide to cancel their participation in the Program via emailing with notification.
    • Membership cancellation implies complete and total withdrawal from the Program, thus permanently ending the existing relationship between the Program and the Member.
    • This withdrawal causes all data pertaining to the Member to be deleted from the Program database, along with all Points remaining in their account at the time of cancellation.
  • Termination by GHI
    • Any use of the Membership (thus of the Program) in contradiction with the current terms and conditions may result in the immediate cancellation of the membership and its benefits, closing of the Member's account, and the deletion of all accumulated Points, subject to any rights that cannot be excluded by applicable law, without GHI or any other person having liability for such cancellation or forfeiture.
    • On the death of a Member, the Membership will automatically terminate.
    • A person’s membership may be terminated if their conduct is considered unacceptable by the manager of any Hotel or by Head Office. This includes breaching any Hotel policies (e.g. late payment of account).
    • If a member is no longer welcome at any Hotel Grand Chancellor property due to inappropriate behaviour, membership in the program will be revoked.
    • GHI may terminate the Program at any time without cause.
    • If we are informed that a company or an organisation will not allow its employees to participate in the Program and some of the employees are already Members, then we (in our sole discretion) reserve the right to:
      • (a) cancel the membership of those employees; and
      • (b) cancel any Points that those employees have previously accumulated.
    • In any such case, no compensation will be payable to the Members involved.

Consequences of Termination

  • All benefits, offers and Rewards will be forfeited upon termination of a Membership or termination of the Program. GHI will have no further liability to any Member on termination of the Member's Membership.

Program Communications

  • The Member can access information relating to their Points status at The Chancellor Club.
  • By signing up to the program you agree to accept communications from the Chancellor Club office. The communications will take the form of vouchers for redemption, statements of your account, promotional items, surveys, and any other Chancellor Club specific updates. Members are able to opt-out of these communications at any time.
  • Statements are sent out by email with the Member's latest Points balance as well as any relevant offers.
  • Members must provide a valid e-mail address when signing up for the Program.
  • Any changes to e-mail, postal addresses, Member name or any other relevant Membership information must be emailed to

Data Privacy and Applicable Law

  • The information collected during the signup process, and related to using the Membership, is subject to processing in order for GHI to be able to handle the Member's request appropriately, to provide the expected services, and to send Members information related to the Program.
  • In compliance with the law, Members are allowed to access, modify, correct or suppress any electronic information related to them. A Member who wishes to change their personal data can do so by contacting GHI on
  • The Program is governed exclusively by New Zealand law. Any disagreement or litigation resulting from the context described in the present terms and conditions that cannot be resolved out-of-court will be handled by courts in the jurisdiction of Wellington.
  • Please refer to the privacy policy for further information regarding data privacy.


  • "Dollar" - is defined as Australian Dollar or New Zealand Dollar depending upon where the Member stayed.
  • "Eligible Hotel" - is defined as one of the participating hotels in the Program.
  • "GHI" - is defined as Grand Hotels International, the parent company of Hotel Grand Chancellor properties in Australia and New Zealand.
  • "Member/Membership" - is defined as a person who has accepted the GHI terms and conditions of the Program and is able to benefit from the Rewards after accumulating sufficient Points.
  • "Membership Number" - is defined as the personal number assigned to each Member and is unique for tracking Transactions.
  • "Points" - are defined as the Points earned for every Transaction made. One Dollar equals one Point.
  • "Program" - is defined as Chancellor Club as detailed in the terms and conditions.
  • "Reward" - is defined as the benefit that can be redeemed after a Member has reached a certain level of Points.
  • "Rewards Catalogue" - is defined as the list of all Rewards that can be redeemed after a Member has reached a certain level of Points. These are defined on The Chancellor Club Rewards.
  • "Transaction" - is defined as the total expenditure (excluding GST) for a stay by a Member in an Eligible Hotel.