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Enjoy stunning views of Hobart atop Mt Welington

If you want to see Hobart in all its beauty then you need to take yourself to the top of Mount Wellington (Kunanyi). Only a short 20-minute drive from Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, in just minutes you will be transported to the wilderness, bushland, and amazing scenery with amazing views over Hobart City and the harbour.

Whether you’re planning on going for a hike or simply wanting to take in the stunning views, enjoy exploring Tasmania’s most iconic mountain situated right on your doorstep before returning to Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart for 24/7 room service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a buffet breakfast in the morning.

The perfect spot for a hike

If you are into hiking don’t forget to bring some sturdy shoes with you - there are some great walking tracks up there. In particular, the Organ Pipes Circuit is very popular. Carved into the side of the mountain to resemble organ pipes, this track offers amazing views surrounded by jaw dropping natural collums. If hiking is not your thing, don’t worry. Those with hire cars can drive to the rocky summit, where you can enjoy some of Hobart's most spectacular views.

Hobart’s own little winter wonderland

Depending on the time of year you visit, you may be able to play in the snow. If you do choose to visit Mount Wellington during your stay, a jacket or extra layer is highly recommended at any time of the year. If you're a little bit peckish after your journey, take yourself to Lost Freight Cafe on your way down for a bite to eat or a warm hot chocolate.

Hike, bike, car, or bus!

Red Decker runs the official shuttle bus for Kunanyi/Mt Wellington. This is a great option for guests who are without a car or don’t fancy the hike as buses depart daily. Kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus is the only tour company with exclusive access to Kunanyi/Mt Wellington when Pinnacle Road is closed due to snow.

Whichever way you plan on getting there, Mount Wellington is a must-see when visiting Hobart. Setting off from Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, you can be up mountains in less than 30 minutes, surrounded by bushland with the harbour glistening in the distance. It’s well worth the short drive back to Restaurant Tasman at the hotel for a glass of wine and a delicious dinner to top off your evening.

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Photo Via:  Luke Tscharke