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At the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart we recognise our responsibility to the environment

We are committed to contributing towards a sustainable future by preserving vital natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint through an ever increasing range of green-friendly practices. To assist you in understanding our sustainability practices, we have prepared an overview of our continually evolving procedures on our sustainability management.

Efficient heating and electricity systems - Tasmania leads Australia as the first state to run on 100% renewable energy!  As a venue, we have invested into building management software to provide our building with the most sustainable outcomes.  Practices deployed by the Hotel includes;
- The majority of lighting has been upgraded to low energy LED lights, with plans in place to transition the remaining across as soon as possible
- Our heating and cooling also uses energy geothermally harvested from waste water 
- Our kitchens operate on natural gas or electricity. 

Waste and energy reduction initiatives along with water conservation programs – We have installed WEL-rated taps to reduce water use and enlarged our water treatment service for outgoing water to control our waste output.

Cardboard – We recycle cardboard Hotel wide.  Cardboard bailers are located throughout the Hotel to assist staff in a seamless process to manage this waste.

Printed Paper Materials – Paper is recycled throughout the Hotel and conference spaces.

Single Use Plastics – We have eliminated single-use plastics.

Glass, Plastic and Co-mingled Waste – This is collected for recycling.

Printer Cartridges – We collect for recycling on a hotel wide basis.

Fryer Oil – Oil is collected and donated to be converted to biodiesel on a sustainable smallholding.

Paper Ware – Our services and menus have been formatted to minimise the use of paper-ware and other single-use items.  Ordinarily, we don’t see the need to use anything other than napkins, which are compostable.

Staff training and education - As a part of the hotels induction processes, all staff are given training in environmental and sustainability practices.

Preference given to environmentally responsible vendors - As Hobart's major Conference and Events venue we work closely with local vendors in order to keep our carbon admissions as low as possible.

Green-friendly waste disposal programs -Utilised in our housekeeping practices and laundry options

Participation in Earth Hour