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Dear Guest,

Welcome to the Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, and to ensure the safety of others please use the following letter as a guide for your stay.


  • At no time during your isolation are you to leave your accommodation room.

  • When opening your door, a mask must be worn at all times. For your convenience spare masks are located within your room. Please remember you must only open your door to retrieve deliveries (at least 30 seconds after a knock) or put items out for collection.

  • A small table has been placed at the entry to your door. As per SA Health requirements this table is to be used by my team for all deliveries where possible. This table must remain outside your door at all times and not be used to place soiled linen or rubbish on.

  • At no time are any items (excluding rubbish and used linen/toweling) allowed to leave your room. This includes parcels, paperwork, used crockery/cutlery/glassware luggage etc.

  • Room moves are not permitted during your stay.

  • Within 2 hours of your arrival, or the following morning if arriving late overnight, you will be contacted by team member who will explain how quarantine works. At this time, they will also confirm any dietary requirements and your credit card details for any incidentals.

  • Please note the hotel does not have information regarding your length of stay, exemptions etc. This is all to be communicated with SA Health.

  • Staff have been instructed not to enter your room unless absolutely necessary. As such all communications will be done by knocking on your door, or via phone.

  • If a staff member is at your door, please do not be alarmed if they distance themselves from you. This is for both your and their wellbeing. Tape lines have been added to the floor within your doorway as a guide for you to stand on when interacting.

  • Hotel Services can be contacted 24 hours a day by dialing 5.

  • Nursing Services can be contacted between 9.30am and 6pm everyday by dialing 3830.

  • We have set up a closed Facebook group for all communications to you. Please scan the QR code or search the group as per the information located on the bottom of the final page.

  • Any electrical items being brought into rooms must be brand new or have a current tag and test certification. 

  • Please note restrictions on alcohol consumption do apply in SA being 6 bottles of beer per day or 1 bottle of wine per day or 1 bottle of spirits every 3 days.

  • Deliveries are more than welcome and once received by the hotel will be delivered to your room as soon as possible.

  • Should you find it difficult to sleep, a set of ear plugs is also in this pack.


  • The television in your room offers free to air and limited Foxtel channels. The hotel is also offering a movie system free of charge. Please note the hotel is not equipped for casting.

  • Free Wi-Fi is available to you for the length of your stay on multiple devices. To access please open the internet and follow the prompts. (A user guide is included in this pack).

  • For advertised hotel screenings, please tune into Channel 47 (HGCTV).

Food Services

  • Clean crockery, cutlery and glassware are located in the cabinet under your television.

  • Fresh milk, tea, coffee is provided free of charge and can be topped up by dialing 5.

  • Food service will be provided daily being breakfast through to dinner with drinks provided (no alcohol). Due to the sheer volume of people self-isolating a set menu will be provided and delivered to you for all meal periods (Dietary requirements will be catered for) and will be placed in the Facebook group. For your and our safety all meals will be packaged in a disposable nature. This will include:

    - Breakfast between 8.30am & 9.30am (Morning Tea will be included in this delivery)
    - Lunch between 12.30pm and 1.30pm (Afternoon Tea will be included in this delivery)
    - Dinner between 6.30pm and 7.30pm (Dessert and snack will be included in this delivery)

    These items will be placed outside your room on the table provided. A staff member will knock advising you that the deliveries have arrived.

  • Should you require any food or drinks (including alcohol for 18’s and over) beyond this service, this can be accommodated by contacting Hotel Services by dialing 5. This service is available between 8am and 10pm daily.

  • Microwaves (brand new still on box or tag and tested) are the only self-cooking appliance permitted in your room. Any other cooking appliances being delivered will be stored and given to you upon your departure.

Housekeeping, Linen & General Supplies

  • A cleaning kit has been supplied to you and placed in your bathroom, as a housekeeping in room service is not available during your stay.

  • Unfortunately, clothes washing is not available during your stay. As such you have been supplied with washing powder and a clothes horse. A white drawstring linen bag has been placed in your room. This is to allow you to take soiled items home should you wish not to wash them not contaminate your other clean clothes.

  • Every Tuesday and Friday, the hotel will provide a full linen pack for you to change your room linen and toweling. This will be completed between 11am and 2pm. Please ensure your soiled items are placed in the black garbage bags provided, tied up and placed outside your door before 11am. This will be swapped with clean linen. Once the changeover has occurred, a staff member will knock on your door. (An emergency set is located in your wardrobe if required).

  • Should you require any additional items such as amenities, tissues, toilet paper or consumables, please contact Hotel Services by dialing 5.

  • Should you require any items not available at the hotel, please be advised that this service is possible with staff able to retrieve items from you provided it is within easy walking access. Please note a $5 per delivery charge will be added to your goods and placed on your account.

  • Should you require any bare essentials not included in your room, again please contact hotel services for assistance. This service will only be available during shop trading hours and be limited in nature. Charges will apply and will be added to your account.


  • Maintenance staff are unable to enter your room, except in emergency situations and until their first negative COVID result has been received.

  • Should you have any maintenance issues, please contact hotel services by dialing 5.

  • Should the request for maintenance be deemed an emergency and a team member is required to enter your room social distancing must be maintained (1.5 metres) and you wear a mask. This means if a maintenance staff member is required to enter your room, you proceed to the bathroom and shut the door. Likewise, if this is a bathroom issue, please proceed to the window side of the room.

  • Please note for basic maintenance, the team will provide you with step by step instructions.


  • Smoking is not permitted. As such smoke detectors are in your room for your safety. Should you set the fire alarm off you will be charged $1,000 to cover the fine from the fire brigade.


  • Charges apply for phone calls made to any number located outside the hotel. These will need to be settled direct with the hotel and are not included in your hotel stay rate.

  • These charges start at $1.50 per local call and $2.20 per minute to a mobile. Full cost details can be obtained by calling hotel services on 5.


  • Please be aware that no rubbish collection or linen change can occur for new arrivals, until all flight COVID results have been received and we are given approval from SA Health.

  • On Sundays through to Friday’s at 10am the hotel will be completing a rubbish removal service for you. Please note on Saturday’s this commences at 9.30am. To ensure your rubbish is collected, please place your rubbish in the large black garbage bag located in your cleaning kit, tie it up and place outside your door for collection. Please do not put waste outside your door that is not in a tied up black garbage bag as this is a health risk. If you do not comply, you will be asked to take your rubbish back into your room

  • Should you require an urgent pick up please contact Hotel Services.

Not only is your physical health important but so is your mental health. As such should you require any assistance to such services please just let us know. I also highly recommend opening your window and curtains to allow for some fresh air and sun during daylight hours.

If you require any further information, please Dial 5 on your room phone for Hotel Services.

Yours sincerely, 

Tony Scrivener

General Manager

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