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Accommodation Near The Adelaide Convention Centre

Unwind after a long day at the Adelaide Convention Centre with modern accommodation within walking distance!

Are you looking for accommodation near the Convention Centre in Adelaide? Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide offers accommodation to meet all your needs just 6 minutes walk from one of Australia’s go-to destination for meetings, exhibitions, and festivals.

Whether you’re attending the Adelaide Convention Centre on business or for leisure, Hotel Grand Chancellor is proud to provide you with a wide variety of spacious rooms with your comfort in mind. Enjoy lounging by the outdoor swimming pool, spa, and sauna and rest your weary feet having spent the day attending business meetings, shows, or pop-culture conventions at Adelaide’s foremost event space.

With ample room to work, play, and relax, stay at the Hotel Grand Chancellor when you’re next looking to visit the Adelaide Convention Centre.

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Get to know the Adelaide Convention Centre

First built in 1987 on the outskirts of Adelaide’s CBD, business, entertainment, and art collide at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The largest of its kind in South Australia - clocking in at some 20,000sqm - the Adelaide Convention Centre has seen many a reinvigorating revamp over its 140+ year history on its journey to becoming the city’s hub of activity with its multi-purpose meeting spaces, halls, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, and outdoor areas.

Replete with modern amenities, flexible multi-purpose spaces, and advanced technology, the Adelaide Convention Centre plays host to a wide array of banquets, exhibitions, balls, and other events throughout the year. It’s easy to see why Adelaide’s fast becoming known as Australia’s Convention City.

All work *and* play at the Adelaide Convention Centre

With a raft of events to enjoy within this wonderful location, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Adelaide Convention Centre. You’ll find everything from boat shows and ballroom dancing through to world tours and wine tastings, as well as a raft of annual events including the Variety Ball and AVCon.

You can experience it all when you stay with us. We’re situated just minutes from the venue, so you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking. Simply enjoy your stay and the very best in events, exhibitions, and entertainment that Adelaide has to offer with Hotel Grand Chancellor and the Adelaide Convention Centre.