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Things To Do In Adelaide At Night

The top after hours spots & activities in Adelaide tonight!

1. Peel / Leigh / Bank Street - Adelaide West End
If you like to travel by just absorbing a destination and going where the mood takes you, head to Peel, Leigh, and Bank Streets. It’s here you’ll discover a plethora of dining options and some terrific bars. 
Named one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Australia, this precinct sees creativity flourish equally through education, innovation and artistic and culinary pursuits. A place where people can thrive, learn and play.

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2. Night tours: Adelaide Gaol Tour and Ghosts walking tours
Home to 300,000 prisoners over its 147 years of operation - which ended in 1988 - you’re invited to explore inside Adelaide Gaol, believed to be haunted by some of the 45 executed inmates buried within the walls. 
Scary monsters, ghosts, and ghouls. You’ll be scared sh*tless on this tour, which explores the chilling history of Adelaide on foot. Discover the details of misfits and criminals, hauntings and just sheer terror! You’ll be sleeping with the lights on after hearing stories of fires, alarms being set off, and blood-curdling screams! 

3. Night tours:  twilight and night Oval Roof Climbing
See the city in a whole new light and sit in the world’s first rooftop stadium seats enjoying a 360 degree views of Adelaide and beyond, from the stunning coastline to picturesque foothills.

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4. Night walk: Riverbank Precinct
Enjoy a nice and relaxing walk along the Riverbank Precinct and experience the lit up view!
The lights can be programmed to change colours for significant events and game day celebrations at Adelaide Oval.

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5. Rundle Street and East End Precinct
Located on the East side of the city, East End Precinct is an oasis with restaurants, pubs, cafes, boutiques, street art full of style, fashion, culture and entertainment

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6. Chinatown and Gouger Street Precinct
The restaurants, food courts, cafes and pubs in Adelaide Central Market area and Chinatown offer a gastronomic gateway to Asia.
It's paradise of authentic cuisines, from Chinese to Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and everything in between.