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Things to see and do while in Hobart

You've probably already made plans of what you want to see and do while you're visiting in Hobart.

But here are our top recommendations for things to do in Hobart! 

Hobart Art & Culture


The top thing to do in Hobart by far is to visit the Salamanca Markets on Saturday. 

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Hobart's Farm Gate Market has become a local's ritual activity to do on a weekend.

Some of Tasmania's finest products and produce on offer. 

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Take yourself to the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery (TMAG) for a deeper look into Tasmania's art, history and culture.

Literally across the road from our Hotel.

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Hobart Half-Day Adventure 

Bruny Island Cruises

Tasmania boasts some of the world's most scenic land and seascapes. If you have time in your schedule, a must-do while visiting Hobart, is seeing the famous Bruny Island.

Pennicott Wilderness Journey's allows you to see some of the most spectacular scenery and coastlines around Bruny Island in true Tassie style. 

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Mount Wellington

A must-do while you are in Hobart, is to visit Mount Wellington (Kunanyi).

Take yourself up to the highest peak which is only a 20-minute drive from the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart. Explore the wonderful natural reserve situated right on the doorstep of Tasmania's capital city, Hobart. 

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Brutal and barbaric yet exquisitely stunning. Tasmania's convict history has shaped this island in ways that must be experienced to be understood. 

Porth Arthur Historic Site is one worthwhile attraction where you will take a journey back in time.

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