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10 Things You Need To See & Do In The Tamar Valley

What To Do In Tamar Valley

Famous for its wine route with 32 vineyards along 170kms of great food showcasing local honey, truffles, abalone, organic vegetables, salmon, olive oil, pork, wagyu beef and even vodka amongst a variety of artisan producers.

Tamar Valley is Tasmania's oldest wine region and a destination that will have any traveller filled with wanderlust. D
iscover the history of Aborigines of the Leterremairrerner and Pangerninghe clans, Beaconsfield Mine and why the valley has always been a place of significance. 

Home to the Tamar River/Kanamaluka a 70km long salt and freshwater estuary that drains approximately 15,000sqkm of Northern Tasmania.
Linking to several of the state's longest river systems; it is the longest navigable estuary in Australia and a sight to be seen. 

Find our Top 10 to do while visiting the Tamar Valley below:

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1. The Tamar Valley Day Drive 

Follow the estuary from Launceston to the Bass Strait right along the waterfront and breathe in the essence of the Tamar. No matter the season, you will enjoy the rolling hills, majestic vineyards, and panoramic views. Perfect for friends, families or solo travellers. To enjoy the beautiful scenery it is recommended that 1-3 days is given. 

There are plenty of things to see and do along the way. If you need help planning your itinerary, you might want to use Discover Tasmania's planner

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2. Brady’s Lookout 
Arguably the best selfie location in the valley. Visit Brady's Lookout; once a hideout for the infamous Bushranger, Mathew Brady. Discover Mathew's history and take in the views that he once saw from the Tamar River, Ben Lomond in the South, all the way through to the Coast and Bass Strait in the North.  

A great stop for a road trip, amenities include a bbq, toilets and all access ramps.

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3. Tamar Valley Wine Route 

Wine savant, sommelier or enthusiast?
You have definitely come to the right place. Visit the award-winning vineyards, showing off their cellar doors. Some also showing off their 
pet-nat's, cider, beer, whisky and even fresh seafood.

Every producer has their own touch, with local food and art often parading through their venue. 
No matter where you choose to go, this is a trip you will truly never forget.


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4. Food

Dine paddock to plate with some of the Tamar Valley's best cafes and restaurants.
Tasmania is known for its fine produce and Tamar's makers know how to use it.
Peppered throughout the valley you can find anything from degustations to tapas.  

If you're lusting for a local experience but can't choose, then we recommend dining in the heart of Launceston at the Avenue Restaurant & Lobby Bar.

The two course 'Around The State On A Plate' menu paired with Tamar Valley wines gives you a once in a lifetime luxury experience. Completely home-grown every ingredient on the plate is sourced from Tasmania.
Check it out


A Train Traveling Down Train Tracks Near A Field

5. Tamar Island Wetlands 

A good opportunity to stretch your legs and take in natural beauty. Just a quick 10-minute drive from Launceston, you can take this stunning boardwalk towards a beautiful island. Relax and sit down by the bird's hide, find English Oak, Spruce, Cedar and Pine with dozens of aviary and aquatic species.

Start at the visitor centre for information. Welcome to anyone visiting, it's also disability and wheelchair accessible. 

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6. Narawntapu National Park

A breath of fresh air with a side of peace is just what Narawntapu National Park offers.
Stretching from low coastal ranges to the long Bass Strait, this coastal headland will take you on walks by sea cliffs, beaches, and surf right along the seaside village of Greens Beach.


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7. Grindelwald

Step out of the rat race of the city and into the calm of this Swiss-themed village.
While the novelty of Grindelwald is enough for any travel goer, there is no lack of activities here. Whether you are on business or travelling with the family, you can find canoes, golf, paddle boats, tennis, playground, pirate ship and a tonne more.

Even if it's just a pit stop, you can find a newsagent and plenty of bites at the bistro, ice cream parlor, swiss bakery or chocolate shop.


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8. Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre

Lose yourself in history and explore the site of the 2006 mine rescue and museum.

Rich in culture, this is much more than just a tourist destination. With interactive displays and a different story around every corner. You will have buttons to push, levers to pull, tunnels to crawl through and Australian animals to search for. 

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9. Seahorse World & Platypus House

Side by side on the Wharf at Beauty Point offering guided and interaction with many species.

First, go past Platypus House offering a unique experience to view live platypuses and echidnas both which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Then find the magnificent seahorses and embark on a tour through The Cave of the Seahorse, working Seahorse Farm and the Wonders of the Southern Ocean Aquarium where you can even hold a seahorse in the palm of your hand. Perfect for families and any animal lover.

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10. Batman Bridge

Marvel in the architectural beauty of the Batman Bridge, Named after the founder of Melbourne; John Batman - Not to be confused with any other.

The bridge dominates the Long Reach section of the Tamar River with a great picnic spot on the Eastern Shore. Also making for a very good afternoon photo location, you will have panoramic views of the Tamar River and glittering waters.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land. With respects to the elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the nation.